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Not sure if physical therapy can help your problem?  Not sure what the problem is?  Not sure of where to go and who to see?  Have you tried therapy in the past with negative results?  Email your questions or concerns and a therapist will answer you back with advice on your particular issues.

What is David Kuck's background with golf training therapy?

David Kuck, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS has done extensive training and study of golf swing biomechanics, performance, injury prevention, and fitness. He began his studies in golf while earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at SUNY Stony Brook and continued with training and certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute and Back to Golf.

Dave has performed biomechanical golf swing analysis on several of the world’s top players including a U.S. Open Champion. He has traveled to venues including the Accenture Match Play Championship and The Players Championship for consultation and to capture the swings of PGA Tour players in 3d for biomechanical assessment.


Who can take part in the programs training?

On Long Island, Dave’s clients include serious amateur golfers of all ages seeking to improve performance. He also teams with some of the top PGA of America instructors in the area including the 2012 Metropolitan Section Teacher of the Year Michael Jacobs and Laurel Links head golf professional Steve Haggerty to put serious players on the path to the golf of their dreams.

What is a Gold Fitness Assesment?

Performed by a TPI Certified Professional, this assessment is used to expose limitations in posture, mobility, stability, balance, strength, power, and motor sequencing that have been shown to correlate to common swing flaws. A golf fitness handicap is assigned and an individualized fitness program is created based on the player’s specific needs. Fitness programs with video can be downloaded to an iPod. When coupled with our 3D biomechanical analysis and instruction from a PGA teaching professional, a program can be developed to optimize performance.


What is the 3D Motion Capture and how does it help?

The golf swing is captured utilizing a 12-sensor AMM electromagnetic system, which has been used by READY GOLF PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS on several of today’s top PGA Tour and European Tour players. A TPI Certified Biomechanics Specialist captures the data, which is followed by a full biomechanical analysis and, in conjunction with the fitness assessment and PGA instruction, gives the golfer a complete performance program. Results of the data capture are given to the player and shared with the player’s swing coach.

Access to the K-Vest 3D motion capture and video training system, which provides instant biofeedback while performing fitness activities and swing drills. K-Vest access is available by appointment only.

After my assessment, how do I improve my swing?

A golf performance program is not complete without golf swing analysis and instruction from a PGA of America teaching professional. Lessons are available with some of Long Island’s best and are included in select packages.

I’m a younger golfer – will this program help me?

READY GOLF PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS uses the concept of Long Term Athlete Development with our young golfers, which involves exposure to functional movement and sport specific skills in a unique and fun setting along with precise tracking of physical development. Our programs are designed to encourage sport participation and develop explosive and elite athletes through group games and exercises on and off the golf course. Junior Development Seminars are available. Call 631-208-2900 for details.

Are there classes that I can take part in after my assessment?

Power Hour – A heart pumping training circuit that has been developed specifically for golfers to improve power generation, sequencing, core stability, balance, mobility, and strength. Classes convene weekly at select locations.

Full and Half Day Workshops – Bring the READY GOLF PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS team of professionals to your club for 3D motion capture, biomechanical swing analysis, fitness assessments and seminars. Call 631-208-2900 for details.

What is the rehabilitation process like?

Whether you are rehabilitating a golf-related injury, recently had surgery, or simply want to play golf free of pain, READY GOLF PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS physical therapists are experts in the field of rehabilitation. Our practitioners are Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists and specially trained in the area of golf rehabilitation. We offer thorough examinations and a full array of treatments to safely return you to the game.

Manual Treatments – Fitness and 3D assessments often uncover issues that can be effectively treated with manual therapies. These are perfomed by a TPI Certified Medical Professional to promote mobility, flexibility, and general well being through techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, stretching, and joint mobilization. Treatments by appointment only.

Full and Half Day Workshops – Bring the READY GOLF PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS team of professionals to your club for 3D motion capture, biomechanical swing analysis, fitness assessments and seminars. Call 631-208-2900 for details.

Facility Access - Unlimited access to select fitness facilities to perform your fitness programs.

Launch Monitor - Access to the Z Launch monitor which analyzes clubhead and ball speed, carry and total distance, and slice or hook spin. Access to launch monitor by appointment.

Do you speak at seminars or at a specialty group meetings?

READY GOLF PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS staff are available for speaking engagements on the topics of golf fitness and performance, injury prevention and treatment, 3D motion capture, and more. Call for details.